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The wheelhouse boat is a very well suited boat for weekend trips or vacations at sea. The size of the boat will be significant in how the boat facilitates longer trips.

Coupe 830

Confidence meets craftsmanship ...

Coupe 905

Performance meets luxury ...

Coupe 905 V12

Performance in a new dimension ...


Daycruiser boats are often designed for daytrips or weekend trips, either for the whole family or for 2-3 grown adults. The boats are made with the idea that a warm and pleasant cockpit is a perfect please to stay during the time on the water and that the canopy provides the shelter you need if bad weather is approaching.


Noblesse 830

Crafted just for you ...

Noblesse 720

The definitive daycruiser ...

Noblesse 660

Premium and compact ...


The bowrider is often mentioned as a family boat, where the focus is in the cockpit area. A good start to find out if the bowrider is suitable for you is to start defining your needs (and the needs of your family). Below, we are listing some of the things you should think through.

Avant 705

You can have it all ...

Avant 605

Driven by passion ...


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