Performance meets luxory

Coupe 830

Scandinavian craftsmanship meets the allure of the open sea. With a nod to the timeless elegance of Nordic design principles, the Coupe 830 boasts novel lines that evoke a sense of modern sophistication and adventure. Setting the course, confidently.

Coupe 905

When design meets efficiency and sportiness meets style. When innovation and precision go hand in hand. When form and function become one statement. Welcome to the Coupe 905. More sophisticated and athletic than ever. As confident as always.

Coupe 905 V12

With the revolutionary 7.6 liter Mercury V12 Verado 600hp, progressive lines and refined luxury – the Nordkapp Coupe 905 V12 delivers unrivaled power. It’s more than just muscle – it’s practical, efficient and spacious – it’s the next bold step.


Imagine the possibilites

Noblesse 660

On board the Noblesse 660, you and your passengers are always in focus. A durable construction provides comfort, while the sheer size of the aft cockpit gives numerous highlights at sea. If you choose transporting, daycruising or spending the night, the Noblesse 660 will always provide comfort and durable sea characteristics.      ♠click♠

Noblesse 720

The Noblesse 720 perfectly embodies the essence of a day cruiser. Relax on the bow sunbed and enjoy your favorite tunes, or move to the aft sunbed or swimming platform sunbeds for a change of scenery. The social layout is ideal for entertaining family and friends, and the Webasto heater ensures cozy summer evenings spent in the plush cabin. With its nimble handling and thrusters, the Noblesse 720 offers an exhilarating driving experience and makes docking a breeze.

Noblesse 830

Beyond the elegant lines of the Noblesse 830 lies our most spacious and sophisticated daycruiser yet. Delivering dynamic performance without sacrifacing design or practical solutions.


Expand your horizon

Airborne 6

nheriting features and solutions from its bigger brothers, the Airborne 6.3 is an agile RIB with dynamic handling – making it playful and comfortable in challenging conditions.

Airborne 7

The Airborne 7 embodies past inspiration and heritage – further innovating and raising the bar on what a RIB ought to be.

Airborne 8

As the flagship model of the series, the Airborne 8 is poised to unlock new opportunities for aquatic adventures. Whether exploring the coastline or venturing offshore, this vessel provides a truly unparalleled experience on the water.


You can have it all

Avant 605

Experience the unrivaled agility and comfort of the Avant 605 – the perfect match for your one-day trips at sea. Its layout, large windscreen and open bow creates a seamless flow from bow to aft. Tack sharp handling combined with sporty performance inspires active driving and bring pure fun at the wheel.

Avant 705

With the bow of a center console and the comfort level of a daycruiser, the Avant 705 proves that you really can have it all. Its refined maneuverability and handling combined with the amenities and seating create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere on board. With ample storage it’s the perfect match for water sports, fishing and relaxing day trips with friends and family.


Innovative designe

Enduro 605

With its refined lines and powerful performance, the Enduro 605 is a head-turner. The award-winning hull ensures good stability and agile handling.

Enduro 705

With its thrilling performance and sophisticated handling – the Enduro 705 means business. Yet its open layout and meticulous features makes it perfect for all of life’s adventures.

Enduro 805

The Enduro 805 truly embodies the spirit of performance and innovation. Its sleek lines and powerful engine options delivers a driving experience that is second to none. We understand the importance of pushing boundaries and setting new standards, and the Enduro 805 is a perfect example of this philosophy.


Off the beaten path

RS 800 C

Capable in a variety of conditions, the Nordkapp RS 800C is practical, sporty and robust – well suited for all of life’s adventures.

Espen Thorup OM designer kezei közül minden évben új modellek kerülnek ki. Coupe 830 – 2023 World Premier.


100% norvég design